Try not to internalize

My Boss said that to me today.

I am a consultant and need to know my place. Theoretically.

I know he is right, but how do I accomplish this?

Do I not take a stand on anything and just roll with the punches?

Please- I am a type-A personality and a Red on the personality color chart.  I don’t roll with things that rub me the wrong way.

Do I just accept stupidity?

Since, I usually get annoyed by it and attempt to rectify it.

Do I just keep my head down and put in my 8 hours and go?

Seriously, I was hired for my knowledge and expertise, why can’t they listen to me?

I am outspoken. That is what makes me so lovable- until, of course, it is about you!

I probably need to work on letting things go. If I can’t get my opinion across, accept that they are making a huge mistake and move on. (Gosh is that going to be a tough one)

Wish me luck!