Silence is Golden

Saw Superman in theater yesterday afternoon.  (Very good movie by the way!)

Took our two house guests with us. It was raining, had been for the whole week, but was continuous today!

We figure Superman will be less crowded due to the demand for Pirates of the Caribbean.
We take our seats just as the previews start.

Right before it goes dark a woman scoots into the theater with 2 children in tow – ages approximately 3 and 5.
This is a Saturday afternoon 3:30 pm showing of a PG-13 movie. 

Meaning death, swearing etc….

Of course they sit right behind us.

They then start to jabber…  Mother says nothing, answers their questions etc…  Eventually hubby shushes them, they continue, hubby shushes again…  then one drops their booster seat onto the floor, hitting sister in law… 
She moves 1 row up.
(One would think that fine example of a parent would be embarrassed at this point)


Movie starts.  Mostly it is very loud and we can’t hear the little ones jabbering the entire time.

Eventually there is a rather quiet part and we can now hear the annoying little sot. This time it chhhht them.  (little different then a shush, learned from some Mexican mothers I know)

Finally the movies ends and said fabulous mother rushes the tots from the theater.

I hope she re-considers before ruining another movie for adults!  I know of at least 2 or 3 theaters around us that have 10am showings on weekends just for that kind of thing!


But wait…  I have another example of exemplary parenting skills!

Friday we head to the Aquarium. The prices go down at 6pm. Since I don’t really enjoy fishes I figure, better for my pocket!

We arrive early and notice a lovely sign – Happy Hour  3-7


So we head into the bar for some refreshments.  4 Adults. Everyone 21 and over – some but many more years than others!

As we arrive in the bar – we notice a family right by the fish tank. They have about 12 empty bud bottle on their little table and 2 rather excitable children banging on the glass… 


So we take our seats, hoping maybe since it is almost bed time they will leave soon.
I mean really, does Denver not have any laws about under age drinking?  Especially in a bar?

Then to our chagrin…  Another family with a 2 years old, take a table behind us.
Good lord, do these people not get it?

They order some of the cheap appetizers and drinks and try to constrain their baby to their area – not very well.
Have I mentioned how much I hate it when children scream?

Then another family comes in with a 2 or 3 years old and sits closer to the fish…

Then the drunks start to entertain this child as she squeals at the fish…

Lets review – 3 families with children in a bar?  Are you kidding me? And they also paid admission to the aquarium for these little ones too…


Finally it is after 6pm so off to get us some cheap tickets to the aquarium!

It was definitely not my week!

3 thoughts on “Silence is Golden

  1. Hmmmmm! Now we all know why alcoholism is a serious problem with children as young as ten! Maybe you can push for “Blue Laws” in Denver…no underage persons allowed where alcohol is served!

  2. OMG!! Kids in a bar? I have never ever taken my children into a bar and they are 13 and 11. This is not appropriate. Same with the movie. I even thought twice about bringing LLB. She did love it, though!! We had a toddler in our showing of Superman, too. Stupid people are everywhere. We gotta get those shirts that say “I hate stupid people”!!!

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