How the vampires got their name

Some haven’t been privy to the whole new neighborhood drama that has been occurring for hubby and I.
And it seems I am unable to respond to comments on my own blog…  So, I’ll just give an update as an entry!

Per the hubby story, we also had a couple more run-ins with the unknown neighbors including a second, third and fourth attempt on our part to give our contact info to these people.
We went over a couple times, leaving a business card and not in their door. One time they were definitely inside but did not answer the door. They have every window covered with wooden blinds – including the slider. They are never open except last week. They have removed the peephole in their front door.  These factors leading to our dubbing them – the vampires.

They also refused to accept a certified letter from us containing our contact info, once again.

The certified letter was in response to an "anonymous" letter typed and taped to our garage door. Not the front door, the garage door.

I feel that I have been very patient in regards to your dog constant barking. I can always tell when no one is home because your dog barks the entire time. I don’t have any suggestions, but you, as a pet owner should research options. I’m not the only resident complaining just the only one that has decided to speak up."

And seeing how we had attempted to give them our full contact info and they had responded with that…  we were a little miffed. Seriously, we gave them the home phone, all cell phones and 2 emails…. 

So that is how they came by their nickname and our hatred!

4 thoughts on “How the vampires got their name

  1. There’s at least one in every neighborhood. We’ve got the Boilermakers (named as such because they are drunks) next door and Gladys Kravitz (neighborhood busy-body/bitch) two doors down.

    Good luck with the Vampires.

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