Heck of a Day part 2

I forgot a couple of things from my day…

They were replacing the panels in our cubes.
Just the ones on the main rows of the building.

So if you look down the side rows, it is still pink.

There are places where some of the side walls are visible from the main rows, so they look even dumber.

All of the full time employees that did receive a raise are a little miffed as this extravagant expense. I can’t really blame them!

So they were using metal mallets to remove and put on these panels…
And there were 3 of them going at one time… I feel like the scene from the Grinch – All the noise, noise noise…..

And then – on the idea of "No more metal hangers"
My desktop machine has this habit of making sounds, as in vibrating.
When one is stressed, on her period, and everything is going wrong….  this was not a good thing…

So my machine is now covered with scotch tape in an attempt to keep anything from vibrating!
(Today, it is funny, the other day, not so funny!)

So yesterday was not any better.  The problem has yet to be resolved and we can’t figure out what all is wrong!  ARG!

When I get into a problem, I tend to sit up straight and on the edge of my seat. Well apparently i was sitting on the edge of my crappy chair all day long  I had heels on, so I was almost ergonomic, but my back was ACHING by the time I stumbled out of the building.

There were other things that made yesterday worse than the day before, but they revolve around specifics at work… So i’ll get to them later when I can protect my own butt or I find a new place to call work and then I can babbly all about them!

So hubby and I finished off a nice bottle of Riesling and relaxed the evening away – wink wink!

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