Heck of a Day

I woke up tired – that can’t be good!

Hit the gym – gotta be skinny mini for hawaii!
I’m on the universal, across from me is a "many hour fitness "trainer and his trainee.
(I never use the trainers. They are paid a little over minimum wage while "many hour fitness" pockets the rest!) I see this trainer having his fella do one arm rows and the entire set – he is watching the TV across the gym!  I was horrified!
Then, I’m on my 2nd to last machine – guy next to me let’s loose his bowls…
Thought I was going to pass out from the stench!  UGH!!!!

Finally get to work – all hell breaks loose.
System is blowing up on the production floor. Thankfully it is only one specific task that doesn’t happen often that sets it off.
Spend all morning trying to 1 – reproduce the error, 2 find a solutions.
I have people coming up to me about 17 different problems no related to this one.

When it rains it pours!

Finally solution is found to problem – not a fix, but a work around. Beggars can’t be choosers.
And then – happy hour! Woohoo!

I head over (late of course), but miracle of miracles I get there right on time! But wait, this is my day from hell, so as I approach the driveway to the bar….  It is closed…  There is no back way in, unless I feel like going up a dirt hill in my beemer (as if!)! So I have to go back out to the main road, turn LEFT, cross a major highway, turn LEFT, turn LEFT into a parking lot, come back out, turn right, right back onto the road that crosses the major highway and then finally right into the parking lot!  Only 10 minutes late now….  (this trip also included 3 lights each way just to turn around and come at the parking lot from a different direction)


I’m glad the day is over, I’m going to go read my frivolous novel and fall softly off to sleep
(yesterday someone noticed what I was reading at the gym and mentioned that they used to read her, but she was too frivolous for them…  I was like, duh?, why do you think I read stuff like this!  She saw me reading Nora Roberts before this one….)

Nighty night!

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