Embarrassing Moment

Earlier last week the hubby and I had a meeting at the house with someone who arrived in a suit.
He had all his paperwork ready, his tie on straight, the firm handshake.

We had arrived home moments after he had arrived at the house.
Poor planning on our part.

I run upstairs to get the rest of the needed paperwork while hubby puts the dogs outside.

We have our brief meeting in the living room, we see charts, we fill out paperwork, he is very polite even with the dogs banging full force against the slider behind us.

Finally we hand over the check, set up the next meeting and as he is closing the lid on his binder i notice, there on the coffee table, at the edge of where his binder was sitting….  a black thong….

Now don’t start thinking that the newley weds were hanging from the ceiling fan in the living room and doing crazy acrobatics!
I fold laundry in front of the tv, and tend to make piles…  apparently that item lost it’s pile on the way upstairs….

Oh well!

At least I didn’t notice till the end. Hubby noticed right at the beginning and couldn’t figure out a graceful way to remove it from the table without bringing more attention to it!

Build’s character i guess!

One thought on “Embarrassing Moment

  1. Tee hee..that is too funny! Cheer up, and imagine what great fun this guy has telling his wife/girlfriend the story about the “Black Thong”!!
    Bet he writes a book someday and your black thong will be on the first page :-)
    Love you,

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