El Noa Noa

El Noa Noa

722 Santa Fe Dr
Denver, CO 80204-4429  View Map
(303) 623-9968

We had attempted to go a couple of previous times but the wait on First Friday is absolutely horrendous!


We went Saturday night on a whim! We figured if they are packed – back to the Ethiopian place!


We were in luck, we got to sit on the patio, be serenaded by Peruvian pipe players.

I had a Margarita – those bartenders are heavy handed! Woohoo!


We really liked the chips and salsa!

Hubby ordered the grilled chicken quesadilla. 

I decided to be good and ordered the shrimp dish – then I could splurge and have flan for dinner.

Well…  it was called camarones a la diabla

Said the sauce was extra hot, and came with rice, lettuce, tomato and a tortilla.

No biggie, nothing is usually too hot for me, and besides the rice can cool it down if need be.

The meal arrives – hubbies looks a little less than stellar, but ended up being really really good!

The chicken was on top of the quesadilla not inside… 

Mine arrived, looked yummy! Waiter asked if I wanted a tortilla – I said, nah, more flan for my belly that way!  Well…  IT WAS HOT!!!!  I started turning colors, had to drink all of hubbies water and even had to flag down the waiter for that tortilla!

It was just a smidge too hot for comfort which was unfortunate since it was really good.

Next time I’d get a side of plain rice since the rice that was with it was smothered in this sauce!

Hubby took a bit of the sauce to “spice” up his beans, he was feeling it!

So all in all – El Noa Noa is a fun place to go, the patio was lovely, although can be a bit noisy since it is right on the street!  Salsa was excellent, I was tempted to get a bucket to go!

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  1. Sour cream is an excellent way to cool a bit of the heat. I love spicy food, but occasionally overdo it…so I just add a little sour cream and all is well!

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