Assertive Communication Skills for Women

Assertive Communication Skills for Women

Today I attended an all day seminar with the above title!

It was great!  I had a great experience and learned a ton!
The speaker – Vickie Olson-Downing was dynamic, informative and fabulous!

So for my Thursday Thirteen – here are 13 things I learned in my conference:
1. NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – basically people interact in 1 of 3 different ways – visual, audio and kinetics (touch)
2. You can use the above info to communicate with them better – visual – use site words – see, view, eye to eye  audio – use hearing words – hear, talk, chat, music   kinetics – use touch words – gut reaction,
3. Assertive does not mean aggressive
4.Use However in place of But in sentences
5. Keep the cutest baby picture you have of yourself in a desk drawer- maternal instinct leads one to protect an infant, I was once that infant and I deserve that protection now
6. Men fix, women validate
7. When someone continues to talk to much, hold opposite elbows and cross feet at the ankles, that will let their subconscious know you are done with the conversation
8. When you shake someone’s hand, approach palm down, so other person can see the thumb and get full palm contact.
9. Never apologize for an emotion – apologize for the reaction.
10. When dealing with a male – start conversation with 3 facts, then proceed with how you feel.
11. To keep from crying at work or in an anxiety driven situation – stay in motion, take 3-4 deep breaths (can’t cry when breathing), drink ice cold water, begin to write down how you are feeling.  All these action will keep your blood flowing and tears from coming out.
12. Use Thank you in all situations, confrontations, complements, anything.
13. Remember #1!

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