13 Reason why I need to keep access to my external email

Today’s Thursday 13 is all about helping me!
It turns out that company policy prohibits access to external email at work – aka – yahoo, gmail, hotmail
If I come up with a compelling enough reason, I can keep my access!

Here are my current reasons why I need to be allowed access to the external email

1. I am not an employee, so I do not give out my company email to any of my contacts.
2. I use external email to address my company and work issues
3. I correspond with the company that developed our current environment via external email
4. I have contacts that assist me with my job that I correspond with via external email
5. I do timesheet, receive bulletins and news group postings (work related)  via external email
6. I use my external email to register with groups and download needed items for work, to keep down spam
7.  ???

So I need the help of my friends here to come up with other reasons why I MUST keep access to external email!

I really hate stupid companies that remove the "perks" that keep me here over 8 hours a day….



2 thoughts on “13 Reason why I need to keep access to my external email

  1. Sounds good to me! I’d be the last one to ask!!
    Maybe that’s your emergency source for your
    “old”parents..like..they are hard of hearing?? Hahaha
    good Luck!

  2. You need access because your parents are aging and your sister might need to email you something important regarding your aging parents…. like what? I dunno… think of something.

    Your sister doesn’t use the phone. She emails… she needs to be able to contact you at any moment – not that she does…

    Okay… that’s 2 more…

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