Weekend Activities

This weekend was busier than the hubby and I have had in many moons!

Friday night was the "First Friday"
Then after that, when all the people that were supposed to show up at 7, finally showed up at 9pm…
We popped into down town to go to the Purple Martini.
I love this place! I love being old and going early when it’s not too noisy or crowded!
Then we went to ESPN zone and played some games. Hubby and I had the longest volley known to man. Ugh!
Finally hit home and bed around 1 am – dang, haven’t seen that late in quite some time!

I slept till 9:30am!!  OH MY!!  I haven’t slept that late since college!
The painter showed up! Sweet!

We were invited to spend the day on the lake with our friends D and D.
It was great fun!  Hubby thinks he wants a boat. I laughed! I can’t back up a truck and a trailer! Our boat would be stranded!

That night also ended around midnight! The weather was so nice we anchored and ate cheese and drank wine till 11pm!

Next day – 2 friends from the night before asked if we wanted to join on a hike!
So 10am off to the mountains… 
Hiked at high noon, great pics below.
It was only a 4 mile hike but my heart was pounding! We summited at 8K feet… 
Ate a lovely lunch at the top, enjoyed the view and back down we went!

Finally hit home around 3  (painters came again! yeah), and still had our chores to get to….  Sigh!
5:30 gave up and had to nap. Slept though the first alarm…  Hubby gave me 10 more minutes!

Then time for dinner!

Panko encrusted Tofu!!  Sooooo Gooood!

So monday when I got to work, i was ready for a rest!

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  1. Busy, but sounds like a great weekend!
    Anyway you always thrived on “busy” :-)
    Love you,

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