It started Wednesday night – I decide to finally update the music on my IPOD. See I listen to the same thing, day after day after day.
It’s all sorted by BPM (beats per minute), I used to be an Aerobics instructor to keep myself in shape, so I have to have a beat or I just can’t work out, I might as well go home!  Around 9:30 I notice my IPOD has only updated 1/2 the songs I told it too. Weird. Been having battery issues but the hard drive seemed ok. I mention to hubby, he says – force an update -Like I hadn’t already tried that 3 times. Sure sweetie, nope still didn’t work.
But it’s almost 10, time to go to bed.  Hubby – nooo, let me just try 1 thing…  He reformats said IPOD, so now there are 0, none, not a single one, nothing on the IPOD. And then forces an update of the IPOD. Guess what? It doesn’t work and I have no music to work out too.
He’s horrified and says, don’t worry about it, you go to bed, I’ll work on it. I say – no way…  I’m getting my old MP3 player updated so I can at least have something to listen to!

Around 11:30 pm….  having trouble with the old and the new music players we go to bed.

Thursday night was dinner out at friends so no work on the music situation.

So Friday morning after sleeping in a smidge…  I attempt to google for my problem.
Did get my old MP3 player working better, so I have music for Monday morning! Yeah!

Finally some moderator on some Apple user group mentioned windows doesn’t handle getting the mapped drives upset…
Light dawns…  I had plugged in my digital camera first – so that was now drive G  (IPOD used to get the lovely letter)
So when IPOD was plugged in, it took H – well H was already mapped to the music drive… UGH!!!!
We re-map music to I – and low and behold…  we have update!  Whew!!!!

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