Sad Day in Yuppy Land

We moved into Yuppy Ville out here in Denver.
We knew it when we bought the house. It is pretty much equivalent to Irvine in CA – if that means anything to anyone!

There is a super market near by, it has a starbucks.

It also has a gas station,  a liquor store, ice cream shop and a nail salon – with all that, no need to leave the area.


Recently there was some building equipment in the front of that plaza.  (east coast roots showing through there!)


Hmmm, say hubby and I, wonder what we are getting?


Finally the sign has gone up….


Taco Bell and Long John Silvers



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE – Del Taco
  2. I searched out the 4 in the state when I first started working here. Taco Bell has never been my thing. I have a specific meal I have at Del Taco – 2 chicken soft tacos, no cheese, xtra lettuce.  2.5 Del Scorcho Sauces on each one and I’m in heaven. The week before the wedding, my mom and dad were treated to their breakfast burritos every day. Nummy!
  3. Long John Silvers – fried everything, extra tarter sauce, side of crispies…  I can feel my butt growing just typing it in.  See previous entries…  When I was younger, the only place I have ever seen or heard of this Long John eating establishment was on our trips to Florida. It was a treat mom would stop by no the way back from the beach. I was before the times, I used to ask for the little crunshies from the bottom of the frier long before they started selling them! Boy were they yummy! Boy was it a good think that I rode my bike all day long, all summer long!
  4. I know some night we will convince ourselves that the less than a mile walk to retrieve those tastey fried items will seem even…  “Oh, we definitely walked off a chalupa and a quesadilla, yeah, we sure did!”


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