I am From

Below is a poem for a contest I found here.  I was cruising through Friday Feasts and found the owner of the contest and decided to give it a try! It seemed an interesting topic and something to keep the brain engaged!

The hubby decided to try the topic but not the template!

Here is my – I am From:

I am from white frilly under pants, from Tang and Jello.

I am from the big white house in the middle of the street.

I am from the magnolia tree, the holly bush and the stone patio out back.

I am from stockings on Christmas morning , and a table that always had an extra chair, from Mary and Bill and Melissa. 

I am from dinner at 5pm and parents who let me try anything .

From “Ask you mother” and “Don’t make me tell you again” 

I am from Sunday mornings in the basement of the church where the minute men once met.

I am from northern coast of Spain, hot wings and chicken things. 

From the Grandfather who built my big white house in the middle of the street, the one who brought me rhubarb and raspberries, from the Grandfather who came through Elise Island and lost his given surname. 

I am from stiff bindings and cracking glue within long black albums stored away. Black and white and color photos showing white haired children with big blue eyes.

2 thoughts on “I am From

  1. Wow!! That’s terrific!
    You got it all in there… amazing!!!
    You are definitely the creative one…
    I printed out the template for #1 Son. He’s going to do it. I’m interested to see what he comes up with.

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