Flight from the twighlight zone

Arrived DC

Made a trip to DC for hubby’s computer technology conference.  Check back later for word on what it was like to be at the bar with all these geeks!

We took a flight out on Saturday morning.
I purposely picked that day, because 1, it’s a saturday, who the heck flies on a Saturday and 2, it saves us a couple visits from the dog sitter

Arrive about 2.25 hours early for the flight – last time we miss plane and had to wait 4 hours…
What to my bleary eyes do i see…
1. The flying nun
2. Grandpa from the beverly hill billies

No really, it was the flying nun and she had internet access!
She was in the line for internet check in, full nun out fit! including the neck thingy!

And grandpa had his new overalls on, and his hand made cane, made out of a local branch, with twigs still on it, shellacked with a plastic tip!!

I hoped someone would wake me up!

It was crazy! There were more people that I had seen on a morning saturday flight…  ever!
Dang tourists!