Costco Trip From Hell

Rough day at work, but after 8 hours I escape.
I need gas, so I decide to get the needed bulk whatnot at the same time.


I head into the meca…  There are the normal fools that just barrel out of rows and don’t look, the idiots there for the free tastings….


I get my needed items and head for check out.

There are 4 lanes open.

The line are to the rows of food.


Finally another is opened and I win the prize of getting to be in that line.

There is a yogurt thingy on the rolling mat. I place my items ahead of it while the cashier gets ready. When she is ready I tell that this particular item is not mine.

She says – “Isn’t your or you don’t want it?”

Me – Taken aback – “Not mine, it was there when I came over”

She – All huffy – “I need a go back”

Me – Had I been more aware I would have figured out that she was accusing me of wasting food. ARG!

As she is slamming my items around – apparently she doesn’t ring like any other cashier at Costco that I have ever in my life gone to. She is grabbing the soda and water from the cart (since when?), slamming it down, manages to totally mangle a new book of maps I was buying…  Good lord! I was ready to throttle her!  Had I not needed to get home I would have complained…


Finally she is done harassing me and my items…


I head to the door.


There is a woman with a toddler ahead of me. “Stepping onto soap box” Personally I find it rude and inconsiderate for stay at home mom’s to head to restaurants at the noon hour, especially around industrial area, or to go shopping between 4 and 7pm.  I might sound like a be-atch, but please I only have so much time in my day that I can plan my errands around, they only have nap time and feedings, so get out of my way!


She gets her receipt checked and then proceeds to stand there and put it away.



I give a little whistle, she turns, stares and then decides to delay her departure more…

I was ready to run over her ankles….


The receipt checker just shakes his head and sends me on my way…..


Sigh….  Apparently it’s time for my medication….



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