Friday night Hubby and I dined at Arada Ethiopian Restaurant

We started with the hummus – sooo good. A touch of cinnamon… Slurp!

Then we decided to go with the:

Super Arada – $15.95 for 1, $29.95 for 2

A combination of Doro wot, Siga wot, Yater Alitcha, Yemiser Wot and Greens


We really enjoyed the beef – Siga Wot, more than the chicken – Doro Wot. The tomato salad was tastey, and the lentils. We could have done without the greens, but ah well, very yummy!


You eat with you hands, so that was interesting! Only down side, was that they did not give you anything to wash your hands with before or after the meal.


All was very very very yummy!

We were stuffed beyond belief!  We figure next time we’ll do the hummus and just split the combo meal! There is a charge for splitting, but I think I’m ok with that!  The bread seems to expand in your tummy!


Definitely would suggest this!  For every day dining, special occasion, whatever!