13 Things to Shop For

I’ll be visiting the sister and mom next week! Wednesday we are going shopping! I can’t wait! I have fond memories of many shopping trips with them. Including the day after thanksgiving as well as the day after chrismtas every year!

                    Thirteen Things to Buy Next Week!
  1. new workout shoes
  2. new workout bras – unitubes!
  3. new shrirts for work
  4. new shirts to go with the new skirts I have
  5. new skirts – I’m going girlie these days
  6. new tan/brown shoes
  7. new white shoes  (the ones from the wedding probably wont cut it)
  8. new sun shade for the car
  9. mini filters for loose tea
  10. new socks
  11. new bras – mine are getting ratty
  12. new undies – got me Victoria Secret money to burn
  13. snacks at Trader Joes