13 Things about Jen

I am honoring a wonderful friend and her dear daughter in my Thursday 13.

Recently my friend Michelle’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

I love them both dearly and worry about them.

Thirteen Things about Jen

  1. She was diagnosed with Hodgkins stage IIIB
  2. It has been a long battle to determine what was making her sick
  3. She is undergoing her first round of chemo
  4. She is a bubbly, fun, happy 16 year old
  5. She doesn’t want to be sick
  6. She is extremely smart and motivated
  7. She enjoys being in plays and musicals. She will be most liked have to give up this activity since her immune system will be at 0% when the play is scheduled to show.
  8. She has a 95% chance of a full recovery (Great news)
  9. J She en will miss her next year of high school. Probably have to be home schooled.
  10. She has a little sister that lovers her dearly
  11. Her chemo will proceed every 3 weeks for the next 6 months.
  12. She will spend 3 days after every procedure at the hospital.
  13. There is a great charity that has adopted her – Chemo Angels


One thought on “13 Things about Jen

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend’s daughter, Jen.
    We’ll be sure she is in our prayers. Sounds like a really
    neat teen-ager.She has a rough road to travel, but with her great outlook on life she’ll make it through.
    Love you,

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