13 Reasons why I hate my Builder

1. Rushed me into starting
2. That was in February – it is now JUNE – still not done
3. Made the walls very far from the concrete
4. Got "sick" and didn’t come for a couple weeks
5. Lost my house keys in Mexico
6. Took 3 weeks to re-core my door locks
7. Knew I wanted to seal my concrete floors, told me to do it after he was done, then proceeded to draw on my floor in wax crayon and permanent marker.
8. Had dry wallers come in that only worked 2 hours a day and who spilled an amazing amount of crap on my floor making it impossible to seal
9. Told me at 3pm I needed to have my painter come the next day (didn’t happen)
10. When told I needed his work finished before the carpet was installed which was Tuesday – he said he’s be there Wednesday
11. Had to buy carpet – a large expense – to cover messed up floor
12. Told us we could easily install glass block in an opening for about $300, then when he was taking so long we said why not add that in, he said, oh I have no idea, you have to special order it, I wont be doing the leg work for you
13. Decided he would not install my kiln vent kit which requires a hole in the wall until after the painter is done…  (Notice something fishy there? I do)

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