Snow in May

It’s been a rough week.
Every morning the alarm goes off at 6am.
I shut it off right quick, take out the ear plugs and re-evaluate the mornings plan.
Then I shut the curtains, put the ear plugs back in, and roll over for a couple more hours of sleep!
My every loving and supportive husband would rather me be 400 pounds and he get a few more minutes of shut eye!  Gotta love him!

This morning same thing! My pants are starting not to fit, so we went this evening…
But anyway, I digress…

So when I finally roll out of bed by 7:30, I look through the sheers and notice something strange on the ground. I check the driveway, nope nothing there…

Then I open the sheers and to my amusement there is a layer of snow on our lawn!
And to boot, we slept with the windows open!

Gotta love this high altitude weather!

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