Les Miserable

Friday night was the VIP outing to Les Miserable!

I needed a hair cut, so i took the opportunity to also get my hair done for the evening! Oooh LaLa!

My hair dresser recently got a stuido as Sola Salons. It is the neatest concept!

We took the Light Rail down town, arrived right at 6pm for our evening festivity!

I decided to wear nylons with my dress, since it was a little cold and my open toe high heels were a bit chunky for the dress I was wearing. So as we are walking to the train, I attempt to hike up the dropping nylons and tear a giant hole in them. Figures! Can’t take me anywhere!

We enter the grand ballroom for our cocktails and appetizers! Open bar – yeah!
Tiny weeny glasses, but you do with what you have!

They are passing around appetizers and low and behold our table is right next to where the food comes from, yeah!

There was chicken on a stick with mango sauce, coconut battered shrimp, lamb shanks with horseradish sauce, and eggplant with tomatoes and mozzarella.

First course was salad, then the meal – Rare cooked steak, with grilled veggies and mashed potatoes. Yummy!

Desert was chocolate moose with berries. They also kept the wine glasses filled, which was nice.
The coffee unfortunately was a might weak. As in light tea!

At 7:45 they told us we had 15 minutes to walk across to the theater for the show.

We had some wonderful seats- row P, center! Yeah us!
I had some young-uns in front of me who slouched the entire time, so I could see everything!

I really enjoyed the performance, and the music and the cast!

As we are sitting in the theater during intermission a fancy lady come by, looks down at me as she passes, notices my HUGE run and say – AH – I’ll be doing that before the night is over.

I was so annoyed, like I needed my faux pax pointed out to me!  Hrmph! I had it hidden under my program till her big old butt needed to come by!  Ah well, can’t win all the battles!

VIP night might have to be the way to go from now in, if we can’t get good seats!

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