A new take on an old issue

The other night we had happy hour. It was at a little mexican place – Las Brisas.

Well, the margaritas were strong as all get out! We only had 2, along with some poppers and some grilled chicken – super duper yummy!

As we were leaving, I came to the conclusion that driving was not really an option right then.
So I popped over to payless, tried on every shoe there and found nothing that suited my fancy. I figured in my current state I’d end up with some lovely lime green pumps.  Alas, no shoes found their way home with me.

After that, I still wasn’t able to get behind the wheel, so off to Le Boutique De Target. I start to wonder around and notice bathing suite. I had noticed the Sunday ad, and had considered getting a new one…  but hadn’t made it there on Sunday. So I grab a bunch and head to the dressing room. So let me just tell you, when one wears beer goggles, no only does it make the opposite sex look that much better, it works on yourself as well!

So I do a couple turns in front of the mirror, like what I see. No hint of belly what-so-ever. These suites are great!
I pop them into the cart, and head off to sober up by picking up other useless items I just have to have for the house!

Eventually the tequila makes it’s way through my system and I can head off to the home stead!

In the mornin I get up and decide to see what kind of decision I had made the evening before.

I put on my lovely purchases and they don’t seem to hide said belly quite as well as I thought the night before.
But in all, the event was not as traumatic as it usually is! Usually I need some bonbons and fried food to get me through such an outing!

So hopefully my 1500 calorie days will help the belly subside and my suite look fantastic!

One thought on “A new take on an old issue

  1. No lime green pumps.. bummer.
    A new bathing suit that you kept after seeing yourself without the beer googles is a good thing. Can I borrow your beer goggles??


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