Wrong Shoes

Friday is casual day.
That means we can wear jeans. Woohoo!

Yesterday was kinda crazy, so I didn’t actually pack my bag, but had a pile of stuff that I needed to put into it to head to the gym.

Basics – jeans, tshirt, big shirt, undies, socks, and a pair of tennies…

I finish my work out and shower and then start to get dressed. I’m about to put on my socks and shoes and notice that the inserts of the shoes are different. I think, how weird that I have been walking in one shoe without an insert all these years…  Then I start to look at the shoe itself…  2 Different shoes. Well, isn’t that a bummer. 

I had originally bought 2 different pair of similar sneakers. One cause it was more rounded and looked cute, the other to be used for kickboxing, more boxy. All kickboxing and workout shoes, eventually end up in every day rotation. I guess it was really just a matter of time before I brought the wrong shoes to wear!

One thought on “Wrong Shoes

  1. Too funny!
    I have identical black and navy Aerosoles!
    Can’t tell you how many times I looked down to discover I had one of each on!
    No one really notices…but your’e sure the whole world
    is pointing at your feet:-) (Well, maybe they are..hmmmmm)

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