The BMW Dealer

I have the early appointment at the dealer. 7am!
My only other experience with BMW dealers has been CA.
To be blunt, they suck!  You cannot show up outside of your appointment time.
When you do show up on time, you still have to wait at least 15 minutes.
Once they check you in, you have to go to a "councilors" desk. Meaning they re-go-over everything you had called about for the appointment in the first place. Then they tell you that you will have to fill out a survey. That if they don’t get all 5’s, then it’s a problem. Meaning, they will call you incessantly until you change all of your survey answers to 5’s. And god forbid you don’t fill out the survey. They call your every day for 2 weeks, they every other day for another 2 weeks and then every so often for another month.
Good thing these surveys will tell them anything!

So anyway, it was nothing like that here in Colorado.
I pull into the dealership expecting a long line. Nothing!
I am the first one!

They open the bay door right at 7am on the dot, and pull me right in.
They can’t seem  to find my appointment, but tell me to hang on.
The bring out the head of the service department, and she is actaully the one i spoke to on the phone and remebers me, how great is that.
She gets me all set up, I sign a piece of paper right there at my car, and she says she’ll call.
Not harassment about surveys, no long wait…  It was fabulous!
She says – so what is our game plan
Me – ummmmm?  (thinking, fix the car?)
She – do you need a ride, are you waiting…?
Me – OH! Yes, thank you I have a ride!
She  – ok great, you are all set, I’ll call you at this number.
Me – ok, so how do i get out of here!
She – right through that door (points at a plain wood door with a ship porthole type window in it)
Me – ok, thanks!

So I head through the door…  I’m now in the purchase BMW shop – it was just like a Disney ride!
So I head toward the sun, hoping to find an exit
Finally, I see one, and I bolt.

Then I see no hubby.

I call – no answer


He calls – where are you?
I say – I’m outside, where are you?
He says – the service bay
I think – why the heck are you in the service bay?
He says – I see you, be right there….

He had been a doll and was bringing my coffee to me! Awww…..

So all in all, i was back on the road to work by 7:10. Pretty darn impressive I’d say!
Check back when they give me an estimate for those tires though!

2 thoughts on “The BMW Dealer

  1. Wow! No comparison to CA!
    Sounds like these BMW people have it altogther.
    Seems like you really lucked out so far!
    I’ll check back to hear when you get your tires!!
    Love you,

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