Snow in April

Today is April 24th, just one mere week till may…
And it is snowing.

I figure it was a given, I had my snow tires swaped out today.

So my hubby gets his car aligned and then has me bring my car to get the tires swapped back to the old ones. The ones that will go fast but not stop me if it is snowing.
They had told him it would be an hour. When I arrive, suddenly it is more than an hour… Hrmph.

I have hubby drive me back to work after our errands and a nice chinese food lunch!

Later that afternoon….
I get an IM from him saying the fellas at the tire place say my tires are bald and my brakes are metal on metal.

Hmmm….  interesting since they were the ones that took the tires off, think they might have noticed then?
That would have been February. I don’t think the rats ate away what tread I did have!
I also find it interesting since the BMW pretty much talks to you.
If my brakes were going it would tell me!

I know because it told me once before – it was a crazy tighe fighter looking symbol on my dashboard that freaked me out!
So I call the local dealer and ask if my brakes are still covered under my lovely, end to end, 5 year, 50K mile coverage plan.
She says, oh yes! I explain that the fellas that are swapping my tires seem concerned. She says, they like to over-react!
I have an appointment for 7am on wednesday. If I do need tires, I shant be getting them from there!

Happy spring!

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