Results of Puppy Court

We went to puppy court to fight our lousy neigbors.
It turns out that you have to go to trial and the DA would interview the neighborhood about Terrence.
We decided that upsetting the neighborhood and being "the hated weird ones" was not where we were looking to go at this point in time!

So we paid the fine – with an extra court tax of $21 – holy moley!

But I must say that the process of going to court out here is pretty cool
We had an 11am appointment – which I found weird anyway.
We showed up early, were told to sit over there.
The DA retreived us in 10 minutes, I was hoping to finish my book – Wicked – I only had about 20 pages….
She told us that there was no lesser charge and if we didn’t agree with the charges to go to trail.
It would be all on the DA’s office to prove wrongful doing etc etc etc.
She said there was no down side, if we lost, we had to pay the same fine.
(see above, we decided against the trial)
Then we signed the paper, paid the fine and were on our way home by 11:05.

I’d prefer not to go there again, but it was a pretty painless event!