New Deck

So more work on the house!

They say the most stressfull things you can do as a couple are:
(I’ve crossed out the ones we’ve done!)

                                                        1. Get married –
                                             2. Move –  (states even)
                                             3. Get a new job –  (in the new state)
                                             4. Start a business – we decided to incorporate this year
                                             5. Do a remodel- since we had done the rest, we added this in,
                                                 Basement studio is under way, deck is starting this week.

Here are the plans for the deck! 

It is going to be out the back, off of our slider! 
Should be great fun and done in a week, we shall see!
I won’t hold my breath!
New Deck:


2 thoughts on “New Deck

  1. Love your deck, very stylish and big enough to use for the next marathon..betcha it all gets done sooner or later…will be gorgeous!

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