More Builder Fun

We expect to have drywallers at your home by the middle of next week.
We then expect to trim and finish by May 20.


When do we need to have the cabinets ready, in the basement?
Can you give me an estimate for the glass block area? (you had mentioned 300)

Thank you

Cabinets ready by about May 11 will work fine
On the other question we will have to talk.


Don’t I know I am in trouble with a "we have to talk" response.

He calls and back pedals all the way to dooms day about how I have to do leg work and contact home depot about ording a custom glass window etc etc etc.

Me – You indicated that it was a simple matter of slapping some glass block in there.
Builder – oh no, it’s a custom job and I just want to get across to you the understanding that you did not think I would do the leg work.
Me – SIGH! Fine, I will go to home depot this weekend.

Builder – We do have another large issue.
My son – the one that basically does all the work on the house was in mexico and lost ALL of the keys.
Me – i’m thinking why the F would you bring all the keys on vacation with you?
Builder – if you are comfortable we can just leave it, but if you want me to recore the door then i guess i can
Me- I would definintely like my doors re-keyed. (DUH!)
Builder – then continued to babble about setting up appointments for the inspection etc etc etc.
Me – My husband is at home this week. Just give us a call and he’ll be happy to let you in.


If i could strangle him i would!

2 thoughts on “More Builder Fun

  1. Oh my…nothing is easy is it:-(
    Painters here today…happy with job so far…ain’t that special!
    Still no yard cleanup here!
    Fin Adv (Paul) called someone for landscaping for me today..guess I was whining!! Also he’s arranging RE market analysis and contacting Eric (lawyer) for me…guess I lookesd stressed and he doesn’t do stress well…or it pays to whine:-) I’ll have to remember that!
    Love you,

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