Taking the hubby back to the old homestead for a long weekend.
We are taking a red-eye. Cross your fingers that I get some sleep or I will be less than agreeable to hang out with!

Had a couple flash back of elementary school last night.
I remembered taking the "Ped Way" – which was basically a gravel path through the woods that we took too and from school. Shortly after they turned our school into the town hall, that area got completely build up and the "Ped Way" was paved…   Very Sad.

I also remembered Jeffery B. – One time in 3rd grade he carried my books for me. What a treat. But then his older brother taunted him mercilessly. So that was the last time we talked or walked home from school together!

I also remembered playing "Boys agains Girls" Behind the school was a large number of very tall trees with most of their roots exposed, and only dirt between them.  There was 2 trees that were intertwined, that used to be "Jail". The boys would go catch the girls and bring them back there. They could stay or try to escape and get caught again.  It was quite entertaining at the time.
One time I didn’t want to play. I was carrying my Kermit the Frog lunch box. Lunch boxes were made of metal back in the day. One of the boys (Jeremy) attempted to "get" me.

I said, "No, I’m not playing".
J – "But I caught you"
N – "I’m not playing, let go"
J – "No, I caught you, you have to go to jail"

I then proceeded to take my lunch box and bash him over the head with it.

He let go at that point.

I got in trouble for having my lunch box on the play ground.  (Not for bashing Jeremy)
So I had to stand by the wall. But the teacher let my friends come talk to me!

Ahhh….  The times I’ve had.

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  1. One of our favorite stories when we re-hash the “funny
    things” that happened, growing up! That lunch box had a whopper of a dent!!

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