Making Friends is Tireing

So I was invited by the wife of a co-worker to a Jewlery Party.
2pm on Sunday.

The in-laws would be off, hubby probably working, so why not! Let’s make some friends!

I arrive right at 2pm. Maybe 2:05, just to be fashionably late!

I enter the house and to my horror, the hostess is not in sight…  They all seem friendly enough.
I do see a woman I have met through another 6 degrees of separation, which I will blog about next, so I wave hello and head into the back.

We get name-tags – that is always good.

I head back toward the only familiar face, hoping I get to hang out with her friends.  "Will you be my friend?"
They are a group from high school. Which is neat, since one went to Africa and morocco with the peace corps., the hostess went to Chicago and back, yet they all are still friends.  (Can you name a group from high school that you still talk to, let alone hang out with?)
They banter with me, but they are also happy to see the new house of the hostess and get up to date on each other.

Finally the event starts, I sit down. I’m between the 2 main crowds – neighbors, and old friends and family… oh dear…

I feel out of place, I don’t have anyone to really joke around with, no one to tell me the shape of my face (apparently you are supposed to wear certain style earings depending on your face shape – who knew?)

I do my normal, butt into other peoples conversations and try to make them laugh (I have plenty of practice since I usually do this at the grocery store or in line anywhere – bugs my hubby to death!)
I attempt to talk with the 2 closest neighbors, but they appear to have their own agenda. Little snooty if you ask me!

Finally it is time to buy, which means a large gathering of weemen around a very small table of jewelry…. Could it get any worse?

I flip through the catalog going with my normal earring purchase style, hoping my face is the correct shape!

Time to buy! I head into the fray!

The high school crowd is discussing something, I plop myself into the side of them, so I don’t look too obvious that I have no friends. Turns out one of them has recently eloped – neat!

Then the hostess pops by, apologizes for her lack of interaction. Really it’s not her fault. She has the done the obligatory rotate through and give everyone a minute or 2. Very gracious. I say no worries.

I cling to the high school gang for a bit more and then make my exit.

By the time I got home I was exhausted! It really seemed more easy in kindergarten – you simply picked a person said, "Hi, i’m nicole, wanna be my friend? Wanna play dolls?"

Can’t we go back to that?  Really?  And be honest – "No, I don’t think you really are up to our standard of friends, try that group over there" It would be sooo much easier, no stress, just move on, find your group, your niche….

I would enjoy more time with the high school friends, but I guess that will take the obligatory couple more outings to trade phone numbers or emails….  God it feels like dating, just to find a friend!