Adventures in Denver

We went to Body Worlds friday afternoon!
At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

We got a dual membership for me and the hubby so we can go back and checkout the mummies etc.
Can’t wait to go to the planetareum!

It was a very interesting exhibit.  To see all the muscles etc. I guess I knew it was art but I didn’t expect some of poses.
They split the bodies in weird ways.

There were WAAAY too many people there. It was allowed to hold 600 people. I’d prefer it to hold much much less!
You couldn’t get near some of the exhibit and people all had the tape players glued to their heads…

There were too many children there. Babies and children under 12 really don’t need to be brought to this exhibit.
They spent most of their time pointing at the "units". And getting in my way!

We decided the best time to go would maybe be the very very first show, so the room is a little more empty, no straglers!