6 Degrees of Seperation

Hubby consults downtown at a small up and coming web shop.
He tells me about an outing of his co-workers to welcome back a woman from her time at the peace corps, recently married to a Morrocan man, used to date one of the people in the office.

We go to dinner with 2 couples from work about a week later. One of the wives started to talk about dinner and then an outing to welcome back a woman who was recently in the peace corps, and got married to a Morrocan man….


We say, hey…  do you know Jen?

She says yes…..

We say how every strange, this woman that works with my husband is friends with the wife of my co-worker.
Holy Guacamole…. 

Very strange in a city so big!

(Story also sounded better when spoken then when written down)