13 Things I need to improve about me

1. Control Eating
2. Control Temper
3. Get my nails to grow – leave the hang nails alone
4. Put my shoes away
5. Appreciate those around me
6. Learn more new things
7. Find something about work to be passionate about
8. Find a good network of girlfriends
9. Get new clothes! What not to wear would be horified
10. Be a better moma to Terrance and Phillip
11. Be more supportive of my husband
12. Keep a more open mind
13. Keep in better contact with my friends

2 thoughts on “13 Things I need to improve about me

  1. What about a “three-way” shopping trip when you come to DC? The challenged meets the challenged meets the challenged. Imagine the wardrobes that could produce!
    That would really be a laugh and a half!

    Love you,

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