13 Things I Did in Boston

1. Visited Bill – he’s stuck in Spaulding Rehab right now
2. Visited Mama and Papa P – my second set of parents!
3. Brought Hubby to Fanuel Hall
4. Showed Hubby the Swan Boats
5. Rode on the Subway with the Hubby
6. Visited the old Homestead
7. Ate Chinese at Royal Dynasty (mmmmm chinese food!)
8. Ate Chocolate Donuts and Munchkins at Dunkin Donuts (they are not in Colorado)
9. Went to Building 19 1/2 – best junk store I know of
10. Spent an Evening with best friend from 3rd grade!
11. Introduced Hubby to a large group of friends from after College
12. Finally got to Salem, MA – House of 7 Gables and Witch Museum
13. Got to sleep in my bed, in my old house one last time!