13 Places I Want To Visit

Thirteen Places I Want To Visit

1. Grand Canyon – Hike to the bottom
2. Monument Valley – See the mittens
3. Yellowstone/Tetons – Share with the hubby
4. Cruise to Alaska
5. Australia
6. New York  – Get to go into the Statue Of Liberty
7. Easter Island
8. Galapagos Islands – see the turtles
9. Stone Henge
10. Egypt – See the Pyramids
11. Africa – Go on Safari and see the elephants
12. San Francisco – again!
13. Cozumel – see the mexican pyramids

2 thoughts on “13 Places I Want To Visit

  1. Sounds wonderful!
    We almost got you to Egypt. Had the plane tickets, were on our way, but Egypt had a cholera epidemic and was going to quarantine us in the airport for days.
    We made a quick detour to Lebanon and on to Rome. Saw the Colliseum and the Spanish steps instead of the pyramids!! Hope your attempt works out better!

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