Why i hate TSA

The hubby and I fly often…
We go through many different airports…

The hubby has a tiny pocket knife we found at our yard sale that he has flown with for about 6 flights…

The TSA natzies confiscated it on the way out of portland.
It was hysterical too see them, grab his bag from the xray machine and attempt to unzip it without touching it and then use little grabbers to touch the keys and pocket knife…  

I wouldn’t be so annoyed if they would have some semblance of conformity across the airports!
Some times you have to take off your shoes, sometimes you done’t, sometimes you have to take off your belt and watch, sometimes you don’t! I mean seriously could you just pick a rule and stick with it!!!

Then, it gets better!

I checked a box of glazes, they had child proof tops, with peanuts all around. TSA in all their brilliance opens the box, and the jars of glaze, then they don’t reseal the jars of glaze so the child proof lock kicks in….  So when the baggage people throw my box around and it flips over all the glaze come spilling out!  And of course there is no-one i can blame. Airline says it’s TSA,  TSA says too bad….  ARG!!!

Lucky for me the drips got all over everything but not too much of my glaze was lost! Whew!

3 thoughts on “Why i hate TSA

  1. Glad most of your glazes made it home. Yeah.
    Yup, I too wish they would get their act together
    and decide…and just do it!! Try taking the boots off in a hurry…..that’s not a pretty sight!
    Your dad has to carry his little shoe horn in case it’s a …take your shoes off flight!!
    Last two times we checked our carry on bags to avoid the hassle.of can we or can’t we….so why do we have carry on bags? I dunno!

  2. What a nightmare!!!
    Next time you fly with glaze, you should put a note on top to tell them to reseal the jars correctly… Think they can read?
    I’m glad you still have most of your glaze… I’ll be needing a super larger planter bowl/vase in deep blue for my front stoop :-)

  3. I think that the real reason that people hate the TSA is because they have
    a problem with authority and it makes them feel better to think that the
    Federal workers who are responsible for ensuring their safety on aircraft
    are somehow beneath them. The average screener (atleast in my state)
    earns about $36,000 per year and is a Military Veteran who made the
    decision to continue serving their country as a civilian. I for one,
    appreciate their sacrifices. Everyone can insult, but only a few actually
    come up with solutions or are willing to serve themselves.

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