Weirdos at the gym

Gym Bunnies Are Funny!
  • 1. Strange little Asian lady, takes her gym bag to the shower, which is viewable down the whole length of the locker room, changes for the shower, showers, then dresses. No bench, no privacy, it’s also on the pathway to the pool. Go Figure
  • 2. 2 sets of 40/50 something weemens who have just discovered working out. The come to kick boxing on Monday morning. What a hoot! They have no idea what their arms and legs are going – I swear they are going to break something flailing about, them or me!  They have no rythym, they have never punched anything put air, so their form is bad… They stick their butts out when attempting to punch or kick, they look like bad backup singers!
  • 3. 1 outfit woman – she only has one set of sweats and she wears them every day! Ewwwww! And she wears keds for her sneakers! Gotta love arch support!
  • 4. Anorexic chick and her handler – she is sooo thin you can see her hip bones from the back, her wrists look like they will snap. She comes in with her significant other – we call him the enabler, since apparently he lets her not eat! She goes to town on the elliptical, faster than all get out, chewing gum, and looking down.
  • 5. Frat boys – set of 4-5 35-45 year old men. They apparently never grew out of their frat days. The still are obnoxious, gab like weemen and think they are hotter than all get out.

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