Studio mess

Phone call to builder guy:
"The wall’s you are building are 6 inches off of the concrete"

"Well, you have a very large water exhaust pipe there, do you want us to have big box around it?"

I’m thinking, well, why the hell not, you just lost 12 feet X 6 inches – 6 square feet of useable space in my basement
"Well, what about the fact that the crawl space door is 6 inches from the wall? Will that door, the light switch and the plug be moved to? Will you now insulate this very large hole in my house?"

"I’m not at your site, I cannot intelligently respond to your questions, I’ll call when i get there"

Little did I know, he was never going to be at my site, his son was. The one actaully doing the work, the one who has never asked me what i wanted.

Son calls

"Well you see, it would really only be about 3 inches taht you are losing to have the wall out to cover this large black pipe"

"OK, fine, what about the crawlspace door? I need to have access to it, i don’t want it in, I want to have it strong enough for me to crawn in and out of there."

"Well i was thinking of a full size door in front of it."

"Um… no? The counter for my studio was to go below it, almost all the way to the other wall"

"No, your counter doesn’t go under the crawlspace door"

WHAT? It damn well better. I couldn’t figure it out, the father had measured, it should have all worked out just lovely
"Well, you dad measured it and told me it would go that far. I can’t really visualize, can you draw on the floor for me?"

"Sure thing, i’ll draw everything out so you can see where it will go"

So….  I get home. I see that they have moved walls, hence why the 10 feet, suddenly became 12 and no longer fit under the crawl space door.

The kiln is drawn about 2 inches from the walls – ok, now i specifially sent speicifications to the dad – it was required to be 12-18 inches from a wall. He knows I am paranoid about fire, come on!

The "wall" from the heater to the middle pole – also moved way into the great room and doesn’t even match up to the room under the stairs…  Good lord! Why did they give me a drawing? And also 1/2 the size….  Missing the entire point!

I left a nice long list and instructions to call me!


2 thoughts on “Studio mess

  1. Isn’t construction fun?
    Best of luck to you!! Just keep telling them what you want.
    I’m sorry your experience isn’t as wonderful as mine is currently. My latest task is picking out faucets, shower valves and chandeliers… And, I’m spending someone elses’ money! Yippee!

  2. What a bummer! Guess you have to keep talking and talking, smiling through your teeth until they get it! Have a great weekend with your CA friend…what a treat for you!

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