Senior Moment

A couple times a week the hubby and I hit the not so local gym
We drive seperately so i can shower and head to work and he can head home and get ready in his own space.
I have a caribeener on my bag so my keys don’t get lost in the fray!
I usually unhook them and unlock the car. I’m lucky I have a button to pop the trunk.
Today that button was not so lucky… you see when you pop the trunk you have not unlocked the car.
So I place my bag in the car and my mind wanders….
Next think I know I am standing beside my car with my purse and lunch bag in my hands and no idea where the keys are, the trunk is closed and I’m s.o.l.
Lucky for me, my purse contained my phone, so I could then call the loving husband so he could return with a key to open my vehicle!
Lordie, if that is how today is going to go…..  I’m think I should go back to bed!

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