Pottery Convension

Last week was NCECA – that is the big convention where all the potters converge!

Quite an interesting collection to say the least!
You have the academics, both college, grad, the perpetual student, and the professors
You have the proffessional potters – both those actaully making a living and those that think they do
You have people like me – who have a real job to pay for their expensive hobby!
And then the "others" – strange artist types!

I got my needed items on the show floor – kiln vent and clay trap. Passed on the books – good prices, but i have enough for now!

I found a new apron – it has a slit up the middle so you  can sit around the wheel and have your legs covered, it’s pretty cool!

I found some funky paint brushes with  some of the bristles cut out so it looks like a castle wall topper.
Got some cool glazes that had an episode on the plane ride home – that is a story for later

Got some fun posters for the walls of my "studio", once it is complete.

Can’t wait to get to the throwing!

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