I broke my toe in yoga

Now…  Do i really need a story behind a title like that?

I am giggling just typing it!

I was at one of my favorite yoga classes last night – Ashtanga with Darcy the instructor.

There is a flow of poses where one goes
from Down-Dog  
to a Seated Pose
with the ultimate desire to be able to jump through ones own arms.

I was beginning to get a little better at jumping closer to my arms, and sometimes even though, so was feeling pretty good.  But this one particular time my toe next to my pinky toe decided to reach for the ground. Well it caught the ground and I thought i was going to die. I went directly into the cradle the baby pose which is where you hold your leg and rock it back and forth!

So today, it is all puffy and starting to turn black.

Only I can hurt my toe in yoga.

Look out world, here i come!

2 thoughts on “I broke my toe in yoga

  1. Ooooooh, I can almost feel your pain from here!
    That’s going to really hurt for a while.
    Wish I could send a kiss from here and make it all better like when you were little.
    Hope it feels better soon.

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