Trauma with the hairdryer

So monday night was the hubbie’s birthday dinner.
I got off work early, got my starbucks so i could stay up late (you know past 9pm)
And started to get all gussied up! I picked out the outfit, then on to the hair!
Now i normally let my hair air dry, so doing anything with it, is considered an improvement.
I have had the same hair dryer since college and my "hot curl" brush since shortly after 1995…
So as i am attempting to add some lift to my sad self, i notice some funny looking thinks in my hair…
As i got investigate, i figure out that i have burned the ba-jesus out of my hair and a large chunk is now falling all over the counter….
Oh lordie!
As i take a gander at my brush, i notice that all the little bristles that should be keeping said hair dryer from touch my hair and head have all bent over and give up the little white thingies on their ends.
Then i take a look at the hair dryer…  It is cracked, and looking a little rusty.
Everything goes into the trash….
And cross your fingers that my hair starts to grow again!
Thanks to hair spray and moouse the burt potions were not visible!