Bad Customer Service

What a week I am having!

Last month I paid one credit card (rhymes with shitty) with another credit Card with much better customer service (Discover). Unfortunately for me what I had left as expendable cash on the Discover card was not enough to cover the payment to the shitty card.  That I agree is my bad. I take the fees incurred for this "bouncing" and move on. This leads the shitty card to put a hold on my ability to pay on line. Which means, I owe money, but I can’t give them any money.  I make a call to customer service attempting to remedy the situation. I ask if I can pay on the phone, give them my routing number etc. Level 1 service says there is nothing they can do, that I have to wait and send a check. Well… funny thing, my statement is paperless, so I have no statement or envelope to send the payment in. I finally tell them to put me to a supervisor. The supervisor immediately allows me to make a payment from my bank account. Fine!

Eventually I get a payment to them which is over half of the outstanding balance. Again I attempt to log in on line and pay off the rest so I can stop paying finance charges. Seems to me if you make good on your bounced check (plus some), you should gain access to your account . Again, I am still locked out. So I call, requesting the ability to pay off the balance. Level 1, they can’t do it. Ok, send me to level 2 – Level 2, not quite as cool this time as last time. She says to make a payment over the phone that will require a $14 fee. Mind you at this point they are making hundreds of dollars in finance changes off me. I say, unacceptable, you won’t let me pay and when I can pay you charge me to pay. She proceeds to read me the fine print where I say if a check bounces I agree to have my account locked for 30 days.

I say, fine, when is the 30 days up. That would be in 2 days ma’m. I say fine, in 2 days I will pay off my balance and immediately close your account and never get another card from shitty. She says, that is fine ma’m, have a nice day.

So, I will be boycotting shitty from now on.