The Fort

The Fort –  Rating – Only on special occasions
19192 Highway 8
Morrison, CO Map

Last week we ventured to The Fort for a company get together. Very pricy, but a fun place to take those that are visiting. For apetizers we had the Guacamole (very tastey with a little kick), Suasage Bean Dip (not bad), Rattlesnake cake (tastey but it could have been crab for all knew, not worth the price), Adagio Cheese (again could have been anything, it was ok, i wouldn’t get it again), and Bears Blood for the beverage (tastey, similar to a margarita, quite a kick, by my second I had to slow down). Neat environment, and they put a dead animal on your head if it happens to be near your birthday! I had the Buffalo Filet for my main meal, we also ordered mushrooms for the tables. The mushrooms came in a dark sauce and it was yummy. The hubby ordered the Pok Shank – there was enough meat there to fee a small starving family. I tasted it, nothing to write home about, but he enjoyed it!