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A reformed software engineer making the world a better place one agile principle at a time.

Nicole Wilker is an expert in agile project management, public speaking, and training. She has extensive experience in creating presentations, coaching teams, and facilitating workshops. With over 15 years of experience, Nicole is able to provide valuable feedback and advice for all types of teams and industries.

Speaking Engagements
When you want to take your backlog from "chaotic" to "done," let Nicole Wilker show you how! She helps teams in all industries get their projects done faster without sacrificing quality or productivity so they can focus on the value they offer customers.
Nicole Wilker is an agile project manager, speaker, and writer. She helps teams achieve operational excellence and accelerate their velocity by building a culture of trust, open-mindedness, and collaboration. Read Nicole's resume here.
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Speaking Engagements

Nicole is a speaker at national events and conferences that focus on business culture and agile project management.