Nicole Wilker

A reformed software engineer making the world a better place one agile principle at a time.

About Nicole

Nicole Wilker is an Agile Practitioner, loves public speaking, and helping others. She has extensive experience in, coaching teams, and facilitating workshops. With over 20 years of experience, Nicole is able to provide valuable feedback and advice for all types of teams and industries.

Speaking Engagements

Nicole loves to share knowledge! Speaking at meet up, conferences or just to those around her, she is happy to spin a tale and educate others! See her what is coming up or past events.
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  • Accept those appreciations
    As is the time of year in the US, thoughts turn to showing gratitude, appreciating and giving thanks to those around you.  As my brain does, at 2am it decided to consider the ideas of how to accept gratitude, and thanks when offered. I read a meme about how some people, generally females, move right…

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  • Have you ever painted a bathroom? 
    Have you ever painted a bathroom? How does painting a bathroom relate to Agile? There are so many odd shaped items in that room; Twists, turns, things that stick up and out, outlets, light switches, medicine cabinet, towel racks, toilet paper holders…. When you think about the easiest way to complete the work, a couple…

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  • Your Personal Soundtrack
    I received a workbook from a friend for christmas and I’ve slowly been making my way through it. One of the activities was to make a playlist. To choose songs that inspired self-love, make it your own personal soundtrack. I let it simmer in the back of my head for a while and eventually i…

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